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Acacia handle olive wood shaft cane

Acacia handle olive wood shaft cane

SKU: 2-22

a beautiful combination of an acacia wood handle and olive wood shaft.

handle is slightly curved mostly suited for right handed people.

height is 90.5 cm for the handle and total height is 92.5 cm.

weight is 480 gr

between handle and shaft there is a  copper washer and 2 black G10 washers .

handle is secured to shaft by a steel stud.

brass ferrule .


  • technical information

    weight  480 gr

    length 90.5-92.5 cm

     handle material -Acacia wood

    shaft material - olive wood

  • user care

    as our sticks are coated with natural oils and wax they will need once in a while , depends on use , to be recoated with a natural wood wax or oil  .the type is not so important ( linseed oil, beewax ,teak oil ,tung oil) whats important is not to use a glossy hard finish common to Yacht varnishes and similar ptoducts .

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