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I like sticks !

I cant really explain why but I  have always liked them , I liked to carry them , use them and later when I grew up to fabricate them into useful pieces of functional art.

Sticks have a primal sense into them that I can't resist.

for the last few years I have found that other people appreciate my craft and established "Biblical Stick Craft " for the purpose of producing a valuable beautiful and functional walking sticks , walking staffs and wood clubs.

located in Israel at the south coast area olive wood is a natural choice to use as it is local historic wood dating back to biblical time and beyond .

olive wood is slow growing hard to work with but very beautiful .it is the fruits and oil of the olive tree that supplied good notrition light and other products for the habitats of Israel for thousands of years.


For using as a material for walking sticks canes and clubs it is a challenging material  ,it is hardly grows straight ,takes years to  dry and if you don't cut it at the right winter  time it is prone for insets damage but,

it has a spiritual sense into it and it is connected with a strong bond to the history of this land to our biblical ancestors and to our future.


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