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securing cords and straps

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

what securing strap or cord you prefer on walking sticks or clubs.

for years I thought any securing means to my sticks or clubs just get in the way .they limit my movements while not adding any means of safety .

well , I was right and wrong ,as securing straps are more of a personal taste and feeling ,for some adding a strap on a club gives a sense of confidence that once they will get tired the club will not slip and to some it is just a nuisance,same goes for walking sticks and canes .going on a hiking trip is not the same as going for a stroll in the city.

a strap or cord can also add a nice touch to the look of your stick .

along the year I have tried few systems of attaching the straps or cords , some ar more elaborate as the one bellow with a hinge pin and some are just plain .

regardless of the shape I try that all my straps will have certain adjustment or flexibility to them, as not all hands created equal .

paracord is very durable material and can be obtained in numerous diameterד and color patterns,leather is more elegant and has a rustic look but less favorable in wet environment.

my preferd way of attaching the cord/strap is by wrapping the cord directly on the stick but other means of loops and metal fixing are available and can serve well when wrapping or just putting it through a hole in the stick is not possible .

these days I offer straps and cord to all of my canes stick and clubs,you can chose paracord or leather or ask for a unique color or attaching method .

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