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2 parts  olive wood  walking stick

2 parts olive wood walking stick


2 piece olive wood walking stick .
handle and shaft are made by different olive wood grain parts.
handle is a much mature stick with wild beautiful grain.
the handle and shaft are connected by a metal pinned rod and leather separator.
the voids in the handle ar filled withe dyed epoxy.
on the bottom a unique construction of long brass ferrule and a steel ball threaded into a hidden nut .
ball can be  replaced by a rubber part  

  • technical spcification

    weight - 875gr
    length- 49"/124.5cm  + 2.2 cm for the steel ball
    shaft diameter -27mm
    handle width - 50 mm
    shaft material -olive wood
    handle material - olive wood
    ferrule - brass
    tip - steel ball + copper shims
    finish - natural oils

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