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51" olive wood /forged handle walking staff

51" olive wood /forged handle walking staff

SKU: 12-23

50 3/4 " total height , beautiful combination of forged steel handle and olive wood shaft.
handle eye is functioning as a thumb rest .
shaft is a sturdy properly dried olive wood .
at the bottom a combination of aluminum ferrule and threaded steel ball, the ball is threaded to a hidden nut not to the wood to crate a strong durable connection.
the shaft is coated  with a natural oil finish based on tung oil.

  • technical specification

    length- 129cm / 50 3/4 "
    weight- 1200gr
    handle eye opening - 65mm
    shaft diameter- 40-30 mm
    forged handle shaft diameter- 23mm-15mm near the eye.
    ferrule - aluminum
    bottom of ferrule -threaded steel ball
    finish - tung oil

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