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Acacia  Walking stick /traditional shillelagh

Acacia Walking stick /traditional shillelagh

SKU: 18-22

this is certainly one of the best natural walking stick /shillelagh I ever made .

Acacia tree is a very slow growing and  tough.

the center of gravity is 30% from the head making it in my view ideal since you are not holding a shillelagh on the bottom end .

this stick has a natural bend about 25cm from the bottom so making the hand protection part of the stick in a natural position .

Holding area is roughly 20 x25 mm -at the narrowest point ( a little small for large hands ) but hand cant slip due to the bend.

this shillelagh can be used as a walking stick if you are on the proper height (about max 175cm )

 a stainless  rivet /screw on the bottom / oiled finish .

  • technical information

    length- 76cm/30"

    weight -430gr

    center of gravity- 25cm from the head

    bend - hand position - 25 cm fro the bottom

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